Enlightened Market Access

Managed services for pharma manufacturers,
powered by an integrated cloud data platform

Turn-key or self-service

Our Managed Services team works as an extension of your management team, to provide expertise and support where you most need it.

Cloud Data Platform

Our interactive data processing, reporting and analytics platform is fully hosted in the cloud. You do not need to juggle Excel spreadsheets any more.

Proven and transparent

In addition to compliance and audit support, we create for you a fully transparent view of your data and calculations.

Commercial Contracting and Rebate Management

Pharma channel strategies are rapidly evolving, driven by the growing use of specialty distribution networks, the rise of complex contracting strategies, and the need for a holistic financial view of brand performance. We complement your management team to provide both the guidance, and ongoing business process operations around all your contracting strategies. This includes quantitative understanding of your Market Access opportunities, and all aspects of design, implementation, and operations of your contracting strategies, tailored to your product portfolio and lifecycle.

  • Contract benchmarking, implementation, and compliance
  • Holistic business assessment, including financial and operational impact
  • Performance metrics and reporting
  • Payer rebate claim adjudication and payment
  • Brand gross-to-net analysis
  • Support for internal forecasting and accrual processes
  • Contract Master management

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Commercial Contracting and Rebate Management
Government Contracting and Pricing

Government Contracting and Pricing

The requirements of government contracting in pharma are complex and ever changing. Ongoing compliance requires following evolving guidance from multiple regulatory bodies, and properly applying it to your business and product portfolio. Our domain expertise and integrated managed services make compliance simple for your management team, while maximizing business benefits in all government programs.

We provide managed services covering all contracts with Medicaid, Medicare, PHS, Federal and TRICARE, and extend all the way from collecting and standardizing commercial data, to government reporting and rebate adjudication. Our services are powered by an integrated cloud-based analytical platform that includes a full suit of thoroughly validated Government Pricing calculation models and interactive reporting tools.

  • Full cycle government contract management
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual GP calculations
  • Medicaid, Medicare Coverage Gap, and Tricare rebate adjudication and payment
  • Interactive GP analytics and reporting
  • Class of Trade assignment
  • Customer Master management
  • Compliance and audit support
  • GP assessments and restatements

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Market Access Strategy and Analytics

Success of a product brand begins with a properly established market access strategy, and that work is never done. As market factors evolve, and new data informs your understanding of what works - or doesn't, adapting your market access strategy can unlock the potential of a brand. Our managed services team combines years of experience managing pharma products with a proprietary analytical toolbox for gaining insights into commercial data. Whether you are preparing to enter the U.S. market, or focusing on growing market share or profitability of an established portfolio, our team is your one-stop shop partner for all access challenges.

  • Product launch and acquisition support
  • Development of product pricing analogs
  • Channel assessment and True Payer Mix analysis
  • Market access dashboards and benchmarks
  • Inputs for M&A product valuation models

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