Pharma Analytics and Reporting



Explore your data live, travel across reporting periods, drill down to underlying transactions for full transparency.

Hosted in the cloud

We clean your transactional data and load it into a dedicated cloud Data Mart, so you can focus on analysis and reporting.

Turn-key or self-service

We drive standard reporting processes for you, and make clean data easily accessible for any custom analytics.

Government Pricing and Reporting

GP reports with full transparency. Look under the hood, trace every step.

Government Pricing calculations require sophisticated calculation models, integration of transactional data from disparate systems, and complete auditable control over the calculation flows. We take care of all data processing and calculations, as well as building and maintaining your customer and contract Master Data. Get a complete set of Federal and State calculations and deliverables. Explore the calculations interactively. Gain insights into GP trends and change drivers. Achieve transaction-level transparency.

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Government Pricing and Analytics

Gross-to-net Analytics

GTN statements that you can interact with on the fly.

Pharma contracting and channel strategies make it complicated to determine net prices after chargebacks, rebates, vouchers, and fees. We do the analytical heavy lifting for you, so that GTN becomes a live and interactive tool. View your GTN by brand, contract, market channel or customer group. Forecast net sales. Estimate accruals. Model prices. Examine what-if scenarios.

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Data Mart and Self-service Analytics

An easy-to-use self-service source of clean data.

Preparing a properly cleaned dataset can take 80% of an analyst's time. We provide unlimited access to clean well-structured data in our cloud Data Mart, so that you have everything in one place: all the transactions and the master data like customers, contracts, and prices. Connect to our cloud-based Data Mart from Excel. Build custom reports quickly. Handle 100 million record datasets with ease.

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