A Cloud Data Platform

Designed specifically for pharma

Interactive Analytics and Reporting

To gain new business insights, you need a way to explore your data from different angles. At the same time, to monitor ongoing initiatives, you need standardized reports that are easy to keep up-to-date and share across the organization. Our platform addresses the full spectrum of analytical and reporting needs with a modern cloud-based interactive solution. Its analytical power comes from the integrated data models that reflect commercial practices in pharma, and leverage the datasets available to a manufacturer.

  • Explore data at any level, from brand summary views down to individual transactions
  • Drill down by product, contract, or customer
  • Travel in time to have a complete understand of trends or point-in-time snapshots
  • Incorporate our library of standard pre-computed metrics, such as Government Pricing, in your analysis
  • Export reports for offline sharing and use
Interactive Analytics and Reporting
Commercial Data Mart in the Cloud

Commercial Data Mart in the Cloud

We structure and integrate transactional and master data, to address your commercial, market access, and statutory reporting needs. Our platform functions as a cloud-based Data Mart backbone for your reporting and analytics. It can serve as a fully managed Data Warehouse for pharma manufacturers who have not built that infrastructure in-house, or pull data from your existing Data Warehouse to fully leverage the IT investments already made.

  • Structured data required for market access analytics and statutory calculations
  • Master data management covering your contracts, products, and customers
  • All of your commercial transactional data integrated with master data
  • Data lineage and auditability
  • Fully managed and hosted in the cloud

Clean Data Access

Data analysts spend 80% or more of their time preparing clean data that can support their analytical needs. We eliminate the pain of data preparation for your team, by giving you direct access to the same clean and well-structured data in the Commercial Data Mart that powers our reporting. You can pull the always up-to-date data into your analytical tools of choice, to focus on data science rather than data cleaning.

  • Pull clean standardized data into your analytical models
  • Feed data to modern BI tools like Tableau, Excel Power Pivot, or Power BI
  • Build ad hoc analytical models, custom dashboards, and reports
Clean Data Access