Meet us at Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress

Scott, our Head of Client Services, will be moderating a workshop at the upcoming Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress on June 8 at 3pm EDT. The workshop is dedicated to Product Launch, Divestiture, and Acquisition Challenges, and has an illustrious panel including Ruth Blatt from the CMS, Ted Karnezis from Karnezis Consulting and formerly the VA, and Linda Schock from Coherus BioSciences and NCPDP.

If you are thinking of attending, but have not made arrangements yet, you can use our discount code 21WOVEN10. The congress is virtual, and has a bunch of interesting sessions. We will generally be online to chat while it's going on. If you have questions regarding GP, Government and Commercial Rebate processing, or Government and Commercial contracting, feel free to ping us to set up a time to talk.

Published on May 26, 2021 by Sergei Krupenin

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